Top20 PCB Factories in the world

You can choose from a large number of circuit board manufacturers on the list. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that you must make some preparations before hiring a PCB maker.

The following are some quick and simple methods for locating the best printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer who will design, develop, test, and produce any type of circuit board you require:

1. The area
You may have chosen to work with a low-cost PCB manufacturer, then. However, you discovered that having your circuit board designed outside of your existing location will cost you extra time and money.

Therefore, make it a priority to choose and outsource your printed circuit board (PCB) designs to a manufacturer in your area.

2. Experience Years
A manufacturer’s level of experience increases with the length of time they have been in business. Therefore, you should give careful consideration to choosing PCB manufacturers with a long history in the industry.

3. The PCB manufacturer’s experience
Even if the number of years that a PCB manufacturer has been producing PCBs actively is significant, your preferred PCB manufacturer should also have experience.

Your greatest choice for locating perfect circuit board designs that fall within your price range is a printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer like Ray PCB.

4. Reputation

If the PCB factory have a good reputation in the PCB manufacturing industry, don’t hesitate to work with them. Of course they are a good partner for you.

You may have a new PCB project need to source a good PCB factory to work for you. Today I would like to select top 20 ranked PCB factory for your reference. I would like to share their information for your reference, which PCB manufacturer is best for your it is up to your decision.

1. Gultech

Gultech takes pleasure in the fact that its business is dedicated to resolving various issues that are exclusive to PCB users.

As a long-standing maker of printed circuit boards (PCBs), Gultech is aware that one of the criteria to consider while providing a good or service is client satisfaction.

This circuit board manufacturer is dependable as a one-stop resource for many PCB requirements. You don’t need to keep searching for the ideal and complementary circuit board parts. You are not required to spend more than you had planned.


Instead, you can relax knowing that Gultech’s one-stop and internal circuit board manufacturing solutions are just what you require.

It’s also important to note that Gultech has its sights set on the future because the company keeps up with the most recent advancements in the circuit board business.

By taking such risky actions, Gultech would be able to better serve PCB users’ needs while keeping an eye on upcoming changes.


2. China Fast Print

PCB manufacturing China Fast Print is committed to technological advancement. It considers that more prospects in the printed circuit board (PCB) sector are only accessible if the appropriate technology is applied.

Therefore, the dedication to technical advancement is a step toward employing the most cutting-edge disruptive technology to offer top-tier one-stop hardware for circuit board production.

The development of the Chinese circuit board sector has been greatly aided by this PCB maker since 1999, with the building of two manufacturing campuses in Yixing and Guangzhou.

Additionally, China Fast Print’s basic value is to always see to it that its customers’ needs for circuit boards are addressed.

China Fast Print has collaborated with over 4,000 manufacturing, research and development (R&D), and service companies throughout the globe as evidence of the distinctive circuit board manufacturing method it offers.

These partnerships produced durable circuit boards that are employed in numerous sectors, including:


  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive electronics
  • Rail transit
  • Semiconductors
  • Computers and peripherals and Medical electronics
  • Industrial control

China Fast Print soon expanded its services to more than countries around the world after making a name for itself in the Chinese PCB sector.

The manufacturer currently has over 30 customer service centers in China as well as other nations like the United Kingdom and the United States.


3. Suntak PCB

If you can locate a PCB manufacturer who is dedicated to the success of your electronic products, you will be fortunate. One of these manufacturers is Suntak PCB.

This firm, which was established in 1995, has a printed circuit board (PCB) plant that is located on a sizable parcel of land with a potential area of 3 million square meters.

You may be sure that your circuit board designs will be handled with the utmost accuracy and attention thanks to our team of over 4,500 people.Additionally, Suntak PCB is well known for its devotion to offering its customers PCBs of the highest caliber.

Circuit boards are another product that Suntak PCB develops, tests, and manufactures for a range of markets and uses.

Some uses for their circuit boards include:

Industrial Management:

The development of several industries can also be aided by the use of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Circuit boards created by Suntak PCB for the Industrial Control application are a prime example. These circuit boards would help intelligent manufacturing, industrial robotics, and Industry 4.0 by laying the foundation for these technologies.


From 2G to 4G and now talks of 5G – the global communications industry has undergone many improvements.


The medical sector can also use the printed circuit boards (PCBs) Suntak PCB produces.

Electronics for automobiles:

Last but not least, Suntak PCB makes circuit boards that support the operation of electronics and smart gadgets on cars.

4.Tripod Technology

Another printed circuit board (PCB) maker with a solid reputation for making top-notch contributions to the creation of circuit boards is Tripod Technology.

This PCB maker is proud of the top-notch procedures it employs to create a variety of circuit boards.

Tripod Technology has been specializing in PCB design for many years, but because to its distinctive business model, it continues to make headlines.

The company owes its sustainability to its environmental protection strategies, which make sure that the circuit board manufacturing process they employ does not in any way harm the environment.

Notable is also the fact that this PCB manufacturer goes above and above to engage in R&D as one of the tactics for elevating its global circuit board manufacturing process.

5. Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits is not your typical printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer that only accepts orders and produces the same.

Instead, this circuit board designer has improved over time and added new trends to its repertoire of design options.

Since its founding in 1984, Shennan Circuits has expanded its service area to four places in China and set up subsidiaries in North America. Additionally, this PCB manufacturer mentioned Research and Development (R&D) facilities throughout Europe as evidence of their dedication to staying on the cutting edge of the PCB manufacturing sector.

This PCB maker has succeeded in living up to its promise to be a “world-class provider of electronic circuits technology and solutions.” It uses various strategies to achieve that, such as:

  • establishing a whole circuit board value chain, comprising printed circuit board (PCB) production, electronics assembly, circuit board testing, and micro-assembly of circuit boards.
  • creating a three-step circuit board design process that combines substrate packaging, printed circuit board (PCB) design, and electronics assembly.

6. Kinwong

One PCB manufacturer that works closely with multi-pcb customers to ensure that all of their needs are satisfied is Kinwong.

They are confident that this is what you have been seeking for since once your circuit board designer is engaged, the entire task is made simpler.

Because Kinwong is dedicated to giving you (and all of its clients) effective service and top-notch PCBs, you can trust this manufacturer to do a fantastic job with your circuit board design.

Following that, the following are some of the main areas in which Kinwong is interested in producing below circuit boards

Industrial & Medical

Another focus area of Kinwong’s circuit board services is the medical and healthcare sector.

This PCB manufacturer is contributing significantly in this situation by offering some of the top electronic components required for the creation of contemporary medical equipment.

Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics are included in the designing and fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Of course, this is one of the most typical and useful cases for circuit boards.

The effectiveness of circuit boards is being enjoyed by many users of electronic gadgets all around the world.

You should choose Kinwong’s printed circuit board (PCB) design services since this supplier guarantees quality.

The enterprise architecture and engineering expertise required to develop both traditional and contemporary printed circuit boards are also possessed by this PCB maker.


From 2G to 3G, telecommunications have increased. The fourth generation of technology (4G) has also been observed. The moment has come to take advantage of the prospects presented by the fifth generation of technical development.

As committed as it is to making its fair share of contributions to the telecommunications industry’s rapid development, Kinwong is pleased to be a part of these advancements.


7. Zhen Ding Tech

Zhen Ding Tech must be the PCB maker most well-known for the top-notch job they produce.

This manufacturer of circuit boards thinks that more of the future can only be unlocked if there are enough materials available to make designing circuit boards easier.

A circuit board maker that combines the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G Technology, the Internet of Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence to deliver numerous tailored solutions, Zhen Ding Tech has been in the headlines over the past couple of years.

Zhen Ding Tech breaks down all the crucial components of the circuit board manufacturing process to make it simpler.

The design of the circuit boards will come first. Before the circuit boards are produced, additional Research and Development (R&D) will be carried out.

It would then be time to advertise and sell the finished printed circuit boards (PCBs), either to the customers who placed the order or to electronic enterprises.

Products and Services

By providing a wide range of goods and services, The Zhending Group is also living up to the expectations of being one of the top PCB producers.

The firm does a fantastic job of designing a wide variety of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with an emphasis on innovation and efficiency.

Their list of circuit board products include:

  • Modular products module
  • IC board carrier
  • Rigid Printed Circuit Board
  • High-Density Connection Board (HDI)
  • Soft and hardboard
  • The chip on film memory


8.RayMing Technology

One of the top PCB manufacturers is RayMing PCB & Assembly, and it stands to reason why.

Not all PCB designers would be eager to provide you with comprehensive in-house services. However, Ray PCB does that, which is why they are exceptional.

This PCB company is available to help you with everything from prototyping to complete circuit board assembly.

Additionally, if you need to modify your circuit board, you can trust Ray PCB to do so expertly.

Ray PCB Capabilities

One of the first things you need to do is research the manufacturer before looking for a PCB manufacturer to create your board.

When doing so, pay attention to the PCB manufacturer’s capacity to create the type of circuit board you desire.

Ray PCB has 89% of the necessary components to meet your PCB requirements, making it the ideal PCB maker.

PCB Assembly

Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly is not a simple task. Sometimes the process can be made easier with time and effort on the part of the circuit board manufacturer.

For this reason, you should contract out all of your PCB assembly and manufacturing to Ray PCB, a proven and reliable producer of circuit boards.

First of all, this PCB maker is prepared to offer you both a partial and a fully turnkey design for your circuit board.

You are permitted to supply the circuit boards and some of the PCB design-related components for the partial turnkey PCB design. Following that, Ray PCB would take care of the remaining portion of the work, including locating other necessary parts and putting your circuit board together.

While Ray PCB offers full turnkey PCB manufacturing, you should let them handle every aspect of your printed circuit board (PCB) design.



Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are required in a variety of economic sectors. The need for circuit boards is growing across sectors including Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Some of the additional ways to diversify and stay relevant in the PCB market are not known by all PCB producers.

However, DSBJ is one of the top PCB manufacturers you can find because it is skilled in doing so.

This specialized PCB company’s beginnings were as a tiny sheet metal and stamping plant in the year 1980.

The Suzhou Dong Shan Ban Jin (Sheet Metal) Working Liability Company was founded eight (8) years later. After being carved out of the company’s initial letters at this point, the name DBSJ started to gain recognition in the global PCB sector.

This PCB company has developed continuously over the past 32 years, introducing innovations and ideas to enhance how they design, prototype, and produce circuit boards.

The firm continued to develop fruitful partnerships and buy various businesses and franchises that assisted in the global expansion of their PCB manufacturing services.

As an illustration, the vendor bought Mflex (FPC and Assembly) in 2016. Following the acquisition, the manufacturer established DSBJ Solutions Inc. (Dallas) to begin operations there.

A year later, in 2017, Yancheng’s DSBJ Industrial Park was inaugurated, and PCB fabrication got underway in earnest.

Then, in 2018, DSBJ acquired Multek, which was one of its better purchases. The growth of the manufacturer’s PCB services to other regions of the world was considerably aided by this acquisition.

10. Unimicron

The world’s leading PCB company is Unimicron. They couldn’t agree more because this PCB manufacturer has continually shown that it is deserving of the motto it uses.

This circuit board designer has unmatched dedication. Your circuit boards’ quality is important to them, and they place special emphasis on accelerating the PCB manufacturing process.

This PCB maker has changed from its previous state. There is no need to wait any longer or spend more money than you had planned.

As an alternative, you may now take advantage of the chance they offer to have your bespoke circuit boards designed in real-time. You will appreciate the importance this PCB maker takes on assisting you in continuously meeting the needs of your clients.

Aside from printed circuit boards (PCBs), Unimicron also produces other goods. You’ll like the many other cutting-edge things this designer has to offer.

In order to enhance the functionality of your electronic gadgets, Unimicron is also prepared to design the kind of circuit board you would require.

To that end, this PCB manufacturer provides a wide variety of options to choose from in terms of mass-produced pcb designs. Among the PCB types they create are:

  • ELIC
  • FPC
  • High-Density circuit boards
  • Rigid-Flex circuit boards

You may rest assured that Unimicron will go above and above to provide top-notch service, regardless of the type of circuit board designs you require.

Additionally, the manufacturer’s accuracy and speed are crucial factors in the creation of long-lasting printed circuit boards (PCBs).

11. Shengyi Electronics Limited

This printed circuit board (PCB) firm, known simply as SYE, has been making circuit boards since 1985.

Currently, this PCB maker has evolved from a regional PCB producer to a globally renowned brand that sells circuit boards in the Asia-Pacific region, North America, and Europe.

Manufacturing Line Cards, Rigid-Flex circuit boards, Backplanes, and HDIs is done by Shengyi Electronics Limited.

Other facets of PCB creation are also of interest to this PCB maker, including:

Concentrating on making high-density circuit boards
producing communication terminal items with cutting-edge ELIC and HDI PCB.
making high-speed, multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs).


A PCB manufacturing company called INTOPCB focuses on representing the technological advancements made by local circuit board producers.

Since 2000, I have owned a 120,000 square foot facility with 20 through-hole assembly lines, 15 SMT assembly lines, and PCB fabrication lines from raw materials to completion. Customers all across the world have been receiving high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) from INTOPCB. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with more than 10,000 businesses in more than 110 nations. They serve our clients well, which is reflected in our 99.8% customer satisfaction record.

Advanced Technical Equipment

The first is that INTOPCB is miles ahead of some of its PCB sector rivals thanks to the cutting-edge production technologies available to the firm.

These cutting-edge PCB tools offer a complete collection of surface treatment tools that enable various circuit board finishing techniques, such as:

  • Immersion tin
  • Tin plating
  • Gold plating
  • Silver plating
  • Immersion gold
  • Spray tin
  • Immersion silver
  • Thick gold plating and
  • OSP

Leading Process Capability

Your PCB demands are also effectively met by INTOPCB, particularly through on-time design and production of your boards.

You should also take into account this PCB manufacturer’s ability to do cutting-edge processes before using their services.

The lead time for your printed circuit board (PCB) production should vary depending on a variety of variables, including the quantity and number of layers.

For instance, making circuit boards with 4 to 8 layers can take up to 12 days. Two (double) layer circuit boards can be made in as little as 6 to 7 days.

As a general rule, the shorter the lead time is for larger (bulk) orders because the PCB maker will be concentrating on that design alone rather than working on them in batches.

13. Aisheng Precision Circuit Technology Company Limited

Do you want to work with a circuit board manufacturer who is willing to collaborate with you to create the circuit board of your choice and who is knowledgeable about every facet of circuit board design?

In that case, you must use Aisheng Precision Circuit Technology Company Limited, one of the key participants in the Chinese circuit board market.

This Chinese PCB maker is well-known for a variety of factors, one of which is the fact that it was the first to produce circuit boards with both soft and firm bonds. Additionally, it started mainland China’s first large-scale manufacturing of these circuit boards.

It is also the first PCB manufacturer in China to be worried about the environmental effects of circuit board manufacturing.

That helped explain why this PCB manufacturer decided to work in a way that prevents environmental damage due to the creation of circuit boards.

14. Guangzhou Kyosha Circuit Technology Company Limited

This is one of the top 15 PCB makers that has stayed reliable; it is also known as Kyosha Circuits.

This unique PCB manufacturer has a five-decade-old history that began with it being a Japanese printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer.

This PCB company is not only controlled by Japanese investors; certain Chinese investors are also shareholders, it is important to note.

A collectively owned Chinese firm by the name of Yauli Toy owned 5% of the company’s shares. Kyosha Honk Kong Limited owned the remaining 95% of the shares.

However, this PCB maker made the audacious decision to privatize the business. It accomplished this by repurchasing all of IDT’s shares in Kyosha (Singapore) Limited on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Due to Kyosha manufacturer Limited’s acquisition of a significant stake in and ownership of this Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer, this buying back effectively completed the privatization of the corporation.

Kyosha Company Limited demonstrates its circuit board capabilities, demonstrating its worth. This is clear from the automated circuit board production facilities the business has in the Guangdong Province’s Pearl River Delta region.

They can work with a variety of circuit board designs, including:

  • silver through-hole circuit boards board
  • Single-sided PCB

Additionally, Kyosha supports you at every stage, particularly when looking for component printed circuit board (PCB) designers who can create double-sided PCBs and multi-layer circuit boards.


One of the domestic PCB producers that rules China is Newtriunion. The history of this circuit board company is outstanding.

Xinsanilan Electronics corporation Limited in Hangzhou is the name of the parent corporation. It was established in 1985 as a business with a focus on circuit board manufacturing.

The parent company’s Research and Development (R&D) division was then established in 2011 as Guangde Xinsanilan Electronics Company. This R&D company didn’t begin full activities until 2014.

The company’s R&D division quickly started to change, and it is currently known as Guangde New Sanilan Electronics Company Limited.

It is situated in the PCB Industrial Park in the Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, China, Economic and Technological Development Zone of Guangde County.

Newtriunion supports the creation and production of many types of printed circuit boards in this 49,500-square-meter facility.

Popular circuit board designs being investigated and then produced here include:

  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs) with many layers
  • Double-sided circuit boards and silverplate


A reputable PCB & Flex PCB business in China, PCBSky focuses on Quick Turn PCB & Prototypes. They are a full-service PCB Supplier rather than just a PCB manufacturer. They are a flexible circuit (FPC) manufacturer in addition to a rigid PCB factory. The world’s center for the production of printed circuit boards, Guangdong, China, is where Pcbsky is situated. They have many skilled PCB specialists, a flawless supply chain, and other factors that contribute to perfect the external environment, so the rest of the world cannot compare to a congenital problem. They can offer a better service and have a greater process capability, which is more significant than these.

They are the genuine producer of our PCBs, in contrast to certain PCB companies that are merely traders or middlemen. They have complete control over every element of the production schedule and quality because They own our manufacturing facilities. And because of this, They are able to provide our clients unmatched quality, dependability, and a single point of support. They offer a variety of printed circuit boards, such as HDI, high TG heavy copper, rigid-flex, flex circuit board, high-frequency, mixed-dielectric laminate, buried & blind via, metal core, and halogen free.

They provide below service:

  • Blind & Buried VIA PCB
  • Conventional PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • High Frequency PCB
  • Metal Core PCB
  • Rigid flex PCB
  • SMT Assembly

17. NextPCB

One of the most seasoned PCB manufacturers in the world, NextPCB has been a leader in the PCB and assembly sectors for more than 15 years. In addition to offering the most cutting-edge printed circuit boards and assembly technologies with the highest quality standards, NextPCB could also offer the turnkey service without a broker, which included component sourcing, PCB prototyping/PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, quality testing, and the final shipment. Delivery times could be as quick as 24 hours, and NextPCB could offer the lowest manufacturer direct prices in the market. The fabrication of small or large quantities of PCBs, as well as PCB prototyping, are all services that NextPCB can provide.

The turnkey PCB manufacturing & assembly services are provided by NextPCB, a legitimate PCB and PCB assembly manufacturer in the world.

The three PCB assembly, mass production, and prototype factories operated by NextPCB are outfitted with AOI, X-ray testing, and multiple functional testing. In order to offer quick-turn service, NextPCB could do it without a broker. Additionally, you might purchase a premium PCB and PCB assembly at a reasonable cost.


ALLPCB, which was established in Hangzhou in 2015, is dedicated to creating a superior Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing Service (ECMS). Its business includes PCB, SMT, electronic components, and other areas as a collaborative gigafactory.

ALLPCB provides services to businesses involved with consumer electronics, communication equipment, Industrial Control (ISC), electronic instruments and apparatus, intelligent hardware, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and Industry 4.0 solutions, among others, through its self-developed online system and collaborative production facilities.

ALLPCB is constantly working to develop the greatest electronic manufacturing system in the world while also transforming the industrial structure.

Products & Service

  • Advanced PCB
  • Premium PCB
  • PCBA
  • Components Sourcing
  • FPC
  • RFPC
  • Stencil
  • CNC
  • Sheet Metal

19. PCBCart

PCBCart is a reputable PCB fabrication service provider with a base in China and more than ten years of experience in the electronics manufacturing sector. More than 10,000 businesses and more than 80 nations have ordered printed circuit boards from us; some of these clients have been with us since They started business in 2005. Around 99% of our customers say they are satisfied with our service, and They take great pride in doing so.

They specialize in offering comprehensive and excellent PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and component sourcing services to businesses of all kinds. From quick-turn PCB prototype to full manufacturing, part kitting to complete turn-key assembly, and PCB design guidelines to PCB material recommendations, They can handle it all. Explore our extensive selection of PCB services right away, no matter where your business is located because They ship internationally. Our one-stop PCB fabrication solutions reduce the time it takes for your products to reach the market, thereby increasing OEM return on investment (ROI).

20. Pinsheng Electronics Co., Ltd

Pinsheng Electronics Co., Ltd., a Shenzhen, China-based EMS firm, specializes in PCB manufacturing and custom PCB assembly. Value-added services offered by the company also include PCB layout design and electronic component procurement.

Actually, They are dealing with a straightforward issue. Currently, roughly 800 personnel collaborate across our three sites as a variety of issues are dealt with. This arrangement may appear difficult, but it serves a single purpose: it makes electronics accessible.

All of the boards are fully electrically tested by an ISO9001-certified firm with ISO14001, UL, RoHS, and REACH certificates in order to deliver the highest-quality goods.
Modern equipment supports effective operation, and skilled engineers can provide free online support.
The sourcing and lead times are shortened by the long-term beneficial connections with material and delivery suppliers.
PS offers precise delivery schedules for both PCB fabrication and PCB assembly so that you can plan your project’s timeline in advance. Custom PCB assembly can be completed in as little as three days.