As a provider of PCB services, INTOPCB. All phases, including design, schematic testing, layout creation, assembly, prototype creation, testing, and delivery of the finished printed circuit board, are included in its services. Both rigid and flexible printed circuit board assembly are the main areas of concentration for INTOPCB. The PCB assembly process is very high quality, and each step makes sure that the final product will be of the highest caliber and work effectively.

We fill thousands of orders every day from all around the world, and because of our reliable quality and top-notch services, we have become the leading provider of PCB and PCBA services.


High Quality PCBs

To ensure excellent quality and consistency, we have fully automated production lines in our own factories. Certified to IPC-6012E, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015.

pcb manufacturing

Rapid Delivery Service

Get boards manufactured within a day and delivered within a few days. More than 99% of orders were delivered on schedule. In light of INTOPCB’s low prices and quick turnaround times, iterate more freely.

rapid delivery pcb Service

24/7 Hour Support

During business hours, our helpful support staff can be reached via phone, live chat, email (average response time is two hours), and email. The genuine source of assistance at any time

PCB Manufacturing Service

INTOPCB provides high-reliability, full-featured PCB production services that are completely in line with your needs.Rigid FR4 PCBs, HDI PCBs, FPC, Aluminum PCBs, Rogers PCBs, etc. are all covered by the company.

PCB Assembly Service

Providing services for rigid flex PCB assembly, PCB fabrication, parts sourcing, SMT and/or THT assembly, SMT assembly, BGA assembly, Through-Hole assembly, mixed assembly, electro mechanical assembly, box build assembly, product assembly, and cable assemblies. Compliant with a variety of standards, including Classes 2 and 3 of IPC 610. To satisfy the scope, quality, timing, and budget requirements of your project, INTOPCB’s one-stop turnkey PCBA services can be dynamically coupled.