single sided PCB

What are single sided PCB?

A single-sided printed circuit board is a type of electronic device that has one side that’s made of conducting material and the other side that’s used for different electronic components.

A single-sided board is made of a conductive metal layer, a substrate layer, and a silk screen. It was the first type of printed circuit board technology to be widely used during the 1950s. Due to its simplicity, single-sided boards have remained one of the most commonly used types of electronic devices.

Feature of single sided PCB

A printed circuit board, or PCB, is a type of electronic component that’s used in the electronics industry. When components are attached to a board using conductive copper, they are then mounted on one side and the other side is filled with conductive wires. This type of board is the first-ever type of printed circuit board that’s widely used.

A single-sided board consists of a metal layer, a silkscreen, and a protective solder mask. The copper layer is below the metal layer, and the electrical components are placed on one surface. The circuit is then etched on the other side. Unlike other types of boards, where the paths of the conductive components overlap, single-sided PCBs do not have overlapping or intersection paths. This type of board is ideal for low-density circuit designs.

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Advantages of single sided PCB

A single-sided circuit board is very simple to design and provides a low density, which makes it ideal for low-cost manufacturing. This combination allows for high-quality production and lower costs. Because of its simplicity, these boards can be produced at higher speeds and in larger batches, which eliminates the risk of failure and allows INTOPCB to maintain its high-performance standards.

This eliminates the need for clients to spend a lot of time and money on multi-layer PCBs. Also, single-sided boards can be produced in bulk, which is very convenient for them.

single sided PCB application

  1. Stereo equipment
  2. Radio equipment
  3. LED lighting
  4. Timing circuits
  5. Relays (automotive and industrial)
  6. Sensor products
  7. Power supplies
  8. Camera systems
  9. Solid state drives
  10. Vending machines
  11. Coffee makers
  12. Printers
  13. Calculators
  14. Surveillance
  15. Packaging equipment

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