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PCB Custom Service

What is PCB Custom Service?

PCB Custom Service is a PCB manufacturer make a special PCB board according to your request such as PCB material, size, Thickness, Tolerance, impedance, Silkscreen, components, input, output etc. In a word, PCB facbricator make a unique design PCB board for you.

PCB Custom Service  PCB Custom Service PCB Custom Service

PCB Custom Service is popular?

At present on the market Science and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds, People’s needs are also increasingly diversified. In order to solve people’s special needs in various fields, many equipment manufacturers have to create a variety of new equipment.

People’s needs are also increasingly diversified. In order to solve people’s special needs in various fields, many equipment manufacturers have to create a variety of new equipment. These new devices often require new circuit boards. Therefore, they need new circuit boards, and the cost of producing circuit boards by themselves is too high. Therefore, these manufacturers often outsource the PCB custom service to circuit board companies to save costs and improve efficiency.

Choosing a reliable outsourced PCB board custom service provider has many advantages, such as saving time and labor, and obtaining high-quality boards efficiently and quickly, Cost savings.

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How to select a reliable PCB custom service Manufacturer ?

PCB quality

Quality is always a crucial factor to take into account before choosing the best PCB to purchase. A high-density design, fast communication lines, superior conductivity, and long-term durability are just a few of the characteristics that a good PCB must possess to be considered a high-quality item. Another important metric to evaluate its quality is the final E-test. Therefore, you must determine whether the PCB under consideration satisfies your needs.


The quality PCB standards set by UL, ISO, and IPC must be properly followed by PCB producers. When purchasing the PCB, one consideration is the UL 94V-0 fire resistance certification. Additionally, it should be mentioned that every shipment from a manufacturer comes with a certificate of compliance.


The cost of a PCB depends on its quality and design. The cost of PCBs may be impacted by variables such as changing the base material or the solder mask material. As a result, weighing the quality versus the price is crucial before making the proper PCB purchase.

Manufacturing experience

Their industry experience is one of the most important characteristics that distinguishes the best PCB manufacturers from the generic ones. The experience of a manufacturer demonstrates their capacity for innovation and adaptation in the face of rapidly advancing technology. As a result, you must confirm that a manufacturer has prior expertise working with clients in your sector.

Manuafcturing ability


The quantity of PCBs you plan to order is the first thing you should consider. If you appreciate creating novelty electronics as a hobby using PCBs, you should hunt for PCB makers who share your interests. A PCB maker with straightforward solutions, user-friendly PCB design tools, and instructional videos will be your best bet. These resources can help you learn more about PCB design and prevent you from becoming overburdened. You should also check the PCB manufacturer’s minimum order requirements. If you’re an at-home PCB designer, you probably won’t order more than one or two PCBs at once, thus you shouldn’t work with a business that has a minimum purchase order requirement.

On the other hand, if your business relies on PCB designs to fulfill sizable orders, you should partner with a manufacturer that can complete these orders quickly. Find out from the business what their bulk pricing is like and whether they can meet your demand.

Delivery time

You’ll want to know how quickly a PCB manufacturer can deliver the goods whether you’re working on a project with a strict deadline or are simply impatient to get your hands on a design. Complex PCB designs typically require more time to create and deliver than simple prototypes. The majority of wait periods fall between 3 and 14 days, though they can vary from company to company. If it is important to confirm the lead time with the PCB custom factory, before cooperate with them.

Real PCB factory better

Take note of whether PCB manufacturers are producers or merely brokers when you search for them. Due to the size of the business, a huge number of PCB brokers have emerged to assist in establishing connections between major corporations and producers. There is a role for PCB brokers in the market, and they are most beneficial to big businesses that frequently need to check in with their vendors for competitive offers. They may also help you navigate the process and keep tabs on progress if your organization is unfamiliar with the PCB industry.

However, working directly with a manufacturer is the most economical option for people or labs that are familiar with PCBs. The easiest method to create a relationship and maintain an open channel of communication is to work with a PCB maker. You’ll be able to contact the PCB manufacturer’s tech support or check the production schedule of your PCB rather than playing telephone.

Good reputation

The last thing you want is subpar production after investing so much time and work in a PCB design. Nothing is more frustrating than receiving your PCB only to discover that the measurements are incorrect or that the holes weren’t drilled properly. For this reason, you should research a PCB manufacturer’s reputation before entrusting them with your passion project. If the manufacturer collaborates with other significant businesses and organizations, that is a good sign of quality.

Budget and time restraints are true, but you shouldn’t cut corners by not going with a reputable PCB manufacturer. As you choose the best PCB manufacturer for your demands and resources, keep your objective in mind as well as these factors. You may avoid the hassle of a defective PCB, which will force you to start over at the drawing board, by spending a little more on manufacturing or by taking the time to perform research. One of the top PCB manufacturers, INTOPCB, is prepared to assist you in realizing your design right away.

PCB custom price

In general, the cost to custom PCB ranges from 50 cents to $300, depending on your requirements. The cost to manufacture a circuit board depends on a wide range of factors for example below:

  1. PCB layers,
  2. PCB materials
  3. PCB complexity,
  4. PCB quantity,
  5. PCB size,
  6. PCB types,
  7. PCB components involved
  8. PCB board testing method
  9. PCB board assembly method
  10. PCB board delivery time.

so different design PCB board cost can be far different, if you need a quotation for reference, you can contact us, we can evaluate a exact cost for you free of charge.