pcb board price

PCB board price can be from 0.5USD/PC to 500USD/PC. Their price can be so far different, just because PCB circuit board cost can be affected by many factors. Here we list out those factors which can impact PCB cost.

Assembly methods

Surface mount assembly (SMA), through-hole assembly, or a combination of the two are the typical assembly methods for electronic PCB boards. Surface mount assembly is a less expensive and quicker manufacturing method for printed circuit boards than through-hole soldering. This is due to the fact that through-hole assembly necessitates hand soldering and needs drilling the bare circuit board. Because it establishes a more solid physical connection with components, through-hole assembly is frequently chosen by people. Through-hole soldering is typically used for significant connections, capacitors, and transformers that may require a more lasting connection in an assembly that combines surface mount and through-hole PCB assembly processes.

Placement of Components 

The types and number of location of your components can raise the price of your PCB board. By reexamining the placement of the components in your design, you might be able to lower the price of your circuit board.

Quantities of Components

The cost of manufacturing will also directly depend on how many components are included in your PCB board design. You can reduce the cost of your printed circuit board (PCB) by making sure the design is as effective as possible.

Components Package Size

If you use standard package size of components, your PCB board cost would be lower.

Special components

A particular procedure must be followed in order to attach each sort of component package to the board. Your prices and manufacturing costs will rise dramatically if you make the PCB boards with intricate, sensitive, or numerous component packages.

PCB board quantity

The quantity of the circuit board you order can affect the board price. You order more, average cost of PCBs manufacturing.

Special Part handling

Your charges will go up if you have parts that need special handling, such as those with unusual lead lengths, height restrictions, or strange spacing. You can reduce the cost of manufacturing if you redesign your printed circuit board to employ standard components and processing needs.

PCB Layers

If you are able to select a cheaper material or thinner board for your application, your bare board could help you save money. When calculating costs, both the board’s thickness and the number of layers are important.


There are various solutions available, and you might be able to choose one that is less expensive, if your printed circuit boards need a coating. When selecting your coating material and application, take into account the batch size, if the boards will need to be reworked or repaired, and the coating material.


In some situations where the printed circuit board may be exposed to a lot of vibration, moisture, or humidity, potting is required. Depending on the application, you might be able to choose a coating for printed circuit boards that need to be potted as a less expensive choice.

Testing method

If you have to check many components in one test, this can increase your costs. You can also choose from a variety of options depending on the type of circuit that you’re building. Consult with your supplier for the best testing methods.

Delivery time

If you’re planning on shipping your printed circuit boards, it might add a lot to your costs. Like with manufacturing, the more you order at once, the lower your shipping and delivery costs.

PCB Boards Materials

PCB board layer materials, such as FR4, copper, teflon, caremic, aluminum, steel etc, surface finish request all can affect board cost.

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Equipment involved

The different machine involved in the PCB board manufacturing also affect cost. There are some common used machines in PCB making, such as Glue dispensing machine, Pick and place machine, Reflow soldering machine, Solder paste printing machine, Wave soldering machine.

PCB board size

Usually the PCB circuit baord size large, it would consume more materials, its cost would be more expensive.

PCB baord Manufacturer location

Different region PCB manufacturer offer PCB cost may be far different. For example , compare the chinese PCB board price with United States PCB manufacturer offer, you would find the USA cost is nearly 5 times higher than chinese PCB factory quotation. That is because chinese high speed developing in many years, their supply chain is complete, that help them get all the material cost cheaper. And their land rent cost and labor cost is lower too. So they can make out far low cost PCB board for you. If you need circuit board for your new product, you can take the chinese PCB board manufacturer into consideration.

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