PCB Manufacturer

INTOPCB is a professional PCB and PCBA manufacturing service provider since 2000. We can offer you one stop solution service including PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, PCB SMT and through holes assembly, turnkey assembly and box build assembly etc. Finding a reputable PCB manufacturer to create the boards you need is crucial if you plan to …

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SMT Manufacturer

SMT Meaning: The technique known as Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is used to adhere electrical components directly to a PCB’s surface. The stenciling of solder paste is the first phase in this multi-step procedure. Comparable to screen printing a t-shirt, Qualitel prints the paste with solder, and then utilizes pick-and-place equipment to attach the pieces …

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Circuit Card Assembly 1 (168)

Circuit Board Assembly

We are a professional circuit board assembly .anufacturer providing services such as through hole PCB assembly, SMT PCB assembly, mixed PCB assembly, turnkey PCB assembly, box build assembly since 2000. Circuit Board Assembly definition After all the components have been soldered and mounted on a circuit board, the finished board is known as a circuit …

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PCBA manufacturer

We are a PCBA manufacturer provide ONE STOP solution service since 2000. We can help you to fabrication bare blank PCB, PCB assembly, box build assembly, and electronic component sourcing etc. What is PCBA manufacturing? PCBA manufacturing is the process of PCBA manufacturer according to the board design to use a certain technology, such as …

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Circuit Card Assembly

As a top circuit card assembly manufacturer, INTOPCB possesses extensive knowledge and experience in circuit card assembly production. We are your first pick if you’re seeking for a dependable CCA fabrication partner. From the design and manufacture of circuit boards through the sourcing of components, circuit card assembly prototype, assembly, and testing, we provide end-to-end PCBA services.


Flex Circuit

What is Flex Circuit? It is possible to bend a flexible PCB, sometimes referred to as flex printed circuit or flex circuits, into the desired shape. They are frequently employed in high-temperature and high-density applications. The substrate material used in flex designs is polyimide or a transparent polyester film, both of which have good heat …

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