Flex Circuit

What is Flex Circuit? It is possible to bend a flexible PCB, sometimes referred to as flex printed circuit or flex circuits, into the desired shape. They are frequently employed in high-temperature and high-density applications. The substrate material used in flex designs is polyimide or a transparent polyester film, both of which have good heat …

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Flexible printed circuit

Flexible Printed Circuit

Flexible Printed Circuit Meaning   A flexible printed circuit (flexi rigid pcb) also namedFPCB or flex PCB is a patterned assembly of printed circuitry and components made of flexible base material with or without flexible coverlay. These flexible electronic assemblies can be made with the same components as rigid printed circuit boards, but with the …

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Printed Circuit 1 (156)

Printed Circuit

What is Printed circuit? Printed circuit also be called “Printed circuit board”, “printed wiring boards” or “printed wiring cards”. Electronic components are mechanically supported and electrically connected via printed circuit boards. On a non-conductive substrate that doesn’t conduct electricity, PCBs use conductive paths, tracks, or signal traces etched from copper sheets. The board is subsequently …

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FPCB (5)


FPCB cost FPCB cost can be from 0.5USD/PC to 600USD/PC. Their price can be so different, just because there are a lot of factors can affect FPCB cost, such as size, layer contained, finishing request, structure, order quantity etc. So different design flex PCB can be different, if you want to know your Flexible PCB …

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Circuit Board Design

Circuit Board Design

You should design your printed circuit board correctly from the beginning because your time is valuable. For you to be ready to design the greatest printed circuit board possible, we cover all you need to know in our in-depth guide, including circuit board design fundamentals and procedures, materials and composition, best practices, and more. Circuit …

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PCB Custom Service (7)

PCB Custom Service

What is PCB Custom Service? PCB Custom Service is a PCB manufacturer make a special PCB board according to your request such as PCB material, size, Thickness, Tolerance, impedance, Silkscreen, components, input, output etc. In a word, PCB facbricator make a unique design PCB board for you.   PCB Custom Service is popular? At present …

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pcb board price

PCB board price can be from 0.5USD/PC to 500USD/PC. Their price can be so far different, just because PCB circuit board cost can be affected by many factors. Here we list out those factors which can impact PCB cost. Assembly methods Surface mount assembly (SMA), through-hole assembly, or a combination of the two are the typical …

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PCB fabricator

What is PCB fabrication process? Below there is the main steps of PCB fabrication process: Step 1. Circuitry Images creation The transfer of PCB design circuitry image data from the manufacturing files provided by the CM to the board is the initial stage in the production of a circuit board. Data typically comes in the …

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